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How to remove name from Google search

If you are looking for a way to remove name from Google search – you are in the right place! But first of all let’s try to figure out when was the last time you were trying to search for your own name or your company name? If you can’t answer this question oк the last search date was more than two weeks ago – than you definitely need to pay more attention to your online reputation. Ideally you should be the first person to identify if any issues come up and start acting immediately to improve the situation. The main issue of the World Wide Web is that your identity can be easily involved into some thread or ripoff despite of the fact that you never done anything bad in your life. And because of that you always need to keep an eye on the search results and information that is showing on at least first two pages of search results. In either way there are couple easy steps that you can actually do to remove your name from search engines, BUT there are no 100% guarantees to any of these methods.

At the very beginning there are literally two options that you need to try out: The first option is to get in touch with the owner/webmaster of the website where the negative link that is showing in the search results is posted and ask them to remove/disable this link kindly! It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will agree to help you so if the above option didn’t work than you need to move on to the second one: start working on improving you online web presence and start outranking the negative information that is showing by replacing it with more current positive things that will stay above the negative link.

For the accomplishment of the first step you will need to find out the contact details of the website’s owner. This can be done by using WHOIS database. There are plenty of such services now but the most popular ones are: and So if you check those two links most likely you will get an address, phone/fax number and email as well. There might be a case when the domain name was registered using so called ‘Private Registration’. In this case the contact details that will be displaying in WHOIS database results will belong not to the actual website owner but to the dedicated department of the domain registrar company.

If the above step didn’t work than you definitely need to move o the second option to remove negative link from search results. And in this case you are down to basically creation of the links with positive information that will be ranked higher by search engines and placed above negative search result(s). There are several websites, tools, services etc to get this accomplish however we would like to make a note that there is no way to completely remove the information that was once indexed by the search engines. Even if the actual page will be removed and the link will be disabled there still will be the ‘cached’ copy of the page where the negative info could be found though it will not be so obvious.

Few tips on how to manage your online reputation

So the alternative way to remove information from search results is to replace the negative link with much more amount of positive information. Here is the list of just a few most popular online profile services that get extremely good rankings in various search engines and most likely will occupy good positions in the search results:;;; etc. In addition you should utilize resources like;;; and others. You will be able to find much more resources that can be utilize in order to remove your name from Google if you do a simple search online. We would like to mention that this is not overnight process and things will not happen in a snap of a finger. Online reputation management is time consuming and might take you weeks and even months until you see positive results and actually achieve your main goal.

Lastly, if none of the above options succeeded you always have an option to turn to professional online reputation management company. There is a great variety of such companies and they can be easily found online. With this option you can stay stressless knowing that your project will be manageв by professional search engine optimization experts. is a professional online reputation management and search engine optimization firm. If you have issues removing your name from Google – submit free quote now and our specialists will be more than happy to help you!

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