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Remove link from Google – myth or reality

With the growing potential of online reputation management there are more and more services that get listed in the standard work scope of every single reputation management company. One of the services that most of these companies provide is ‘remove link from Google.’ So today we are going to review what does this mean and how this can be done.

First of all we would like to make a note that remove link from Google statement is ambiguous. When it comes to online reputation management all the individuals and companies who discovered that they have some sort of negative identity online are ready to spend huge money to get such link(s) removed from the search results completely. However this is not as easy as it seems. In fact there is no way remove link from Google search results completely so that there will be no way to find it at all. Even if you will и lucky enough and the administrator or webmaster of the internet resource where the negative link is posted will agree to remove this entire page from their website – the information with the negative link will still be available through Google cache. In this case the alternative is to try to outrank this negative link and push it off to the lower positions I the search results so it is not so obvious.

Outranking the negative links in search results may differ. It depends on the amount of links that need to be outranked, how long ago these links were posted and what are the websites where these links were posted. For example the link with negative information that was posted at some infamous website or blog that gets just a few hits per day should not be a problem to outrank. However if the link is posted at some website with good PR (PageRank) and this specific link is getting hundreds of visits per day + people are leaving negative comments on this page as well – in this case you are in big trouble and most likely you will need to turn for professional online reputation company since in most cases people can’t fulfill this on their own.

Another thing to mention is that online reputation management is continuous process. Because of this most of the reputation management companies charge a one-time fee at the beginning of your project and then when the goal is achieved they will be charging you smaller monthly fee for maintaining the positive links and posts that were created to bump out the negative link that was bothering you from the top positions of Google search results. Somebody would say that this is not fair and simply is a waste of money however as statistics shows people would rather be paying 100-200$ monthly and would live stress free knowing that they have online reputation company that works for them on a daily basis providing them the defense of their online identity and remove link from Google if it is possible or will outrank the link if the first option is not available.

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