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Defensive-Passive online reputation management

Defensive/passive online reputation management occurs when offending materials or information was posted at a time in the past and has not been refreshed for quite some time. Usually, this takes the form of negative forum posts or blog comments, negative reviews, court documents or article in online newspapers.

As the practice shows the approach of handling this online reputation management issues slightly differ in type of newly posted web content, the information updates schedule and the amount of resources required to get the job done. The reason is that passive nature of such content tends not to rise or constantly move around in the search results as aggressively as the newly created negative information that might become popular among the readers and will be getting constant hits/comments because of this. On the other hand, the negative links that were posted a long time ago have certain advantage in front of the newly created pages since the ‘age’ of the link is something that search engines pay attention to when displaying search results for the given keyword.

Defensive/Passive online reputation problems can be solved in different ways. This is the combination of creation of the new resources with related content and the identifying of the existing links and pages that already exist on the third party websites but due to the low search engine potential occupy the lower positions in the search results. Such existing positive links can be optimized and promoted to get higher positions on the search engine result page (SERP). In addition to that various profiles through popular social community resources and social bookmarking websites would be of a great help to improve your online reputation. We also should not forget about the creation of the personal website and couple blogs and forums to be able to spread custom written materials and articles online.

Most of the users who found out that they are experiencing online reputation management issues prefer to contact professional rep management firm for assistance. Such companies specialize in helping both individuals and corporations to maintain or improve their online identity. By contacting reputation management firm you can be assured that your case will be treated in professional manner the best way possible.

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