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Online Reputation Management by rep management firm

Reputation Management Online is simply the act of protecting, improving and/or repairing someone’s online reputation. One of the most common forms of Reputation Management is Online Reputation Management widely performed by professional rep management firm. Being so easy for people to publish bad comments and reviews, the World Wide Web became a huge place for users to vent their anger and frustration just about anything and anyone. Moreover it became a perfect place for competitors to destroy ones online presence by distributing fictional negative comments and reviews.

The definition of Online Reputation Management By is as follows: Reputation management is the process of tracking an entity’s actions and other entities’ opinions about those actions; reporting on those actions and opinions; and reacting to that report creating a feedback loop.

Online reputation management service has come into wide use with the advent of widespread computing. This is evidenced by a recent front page article in the Washington Post featuring several online reputation management companies. Online reputation management systems use different predefined criteria for processing complex data to report reputation. However, these systems only facilitate and automate the process of determining trustworthiness. This process is central to all kinds of human interaction, including interpersonal relationships, international diplomacy, stock markets, communication through marketing and public relations and sports.

The Wikipedia’s definition above is a little complex but in general is true. The bottom line is, online reputation management will improve your online presence and can help to bury negative links online. Online Reputation Management is an industry that is growing fast and is highly popular by a lot of companies and individuals. is an original rep management firm online and we know what it takes to fix and rebuild online identity for businesses and individuals.

Let defend your online reputation and name. Our online reputation management company will fight for your good name as if it were our own. Contact Us Now for a FREE custom quote.


5 Online Reputation Management tips

Online reputation management industry with its fast growing market became a new field for companies to increase their leads, profits and sales. Unfortunately as the practice shows while some reputation management companies are actually helping people to improve their online identity the other companies specialize in creating negative info online about companies or individuals and then contacting them offering their services. As defined by ‘Online reputation management (or monitoring) is the practice of monitoring a reputation on the Internet with a view to controlling perception of that reputation.’ So today we are going to share 5 tips for online reputation management.

1)    You need to clearly realize the importance of your online reputation. Unfortunately most of the people when reading some gossip facts, rumors, stories etc about others do not realize that same kind of ‘informational attack’ can happen to them anytime all of a sudden. Internet became a place with very long memory. If someone will post negative information about you online – it will stay there forever. Negative information will not disappear by itself so you need to make sure that if ever that happens you are ready for this and one single link or post will not ruin your future career and your personal life.

2)    Expand your online presence by posting all the news and events that are related to your personal name or brand. Of course it takes some time and most of us do not have time to spend hours in front of the screens creating Facebook connections and generating tweeter followers. But if you spend just 10-15 min a day and will do this regularly in a few months you will see how much you contribute to improve your online reputation.

3)    Generate more positive feedback from others. Advices and recommendations that were given by unknown people are truly considered to be the best advertisement. So you need to work in this direction as well and increase the amount of such positive comments. This is a continued process and this will not happen in a snap of a finger. To get appreciation and positive feedback you will need to do something good first. Share your success stories, give advices and help other people – if you follow these simple steps you will see that people will gladly thank you back.

4)    Basically there are three simple steps that you always need to keep in mind and follow to preserve your online reputation. Firstly, monitor and listen to what is being said and posted about you online. It will be much better for you if you will know about upcoming issue. In this case you will have time to prepare. Secondly, analyze the source of the issue. If you know where it comes from it will be much easier for you to maintain it and avoid this from happening once again in the future. The final step is taking action when the problem is identified. However you need to remember that you need to act with the strategy in place since if you will do this without any tactics there is a very high risk that you will make things even worse instead off improving the situation.

5)    It doesn’t matter if your brand is big or not and if it is well presented online or no – bad things can happen to it at any time and you need to realize and take this for granted. However if you did your homework and dedicated some time and resources in the past to establish positive web presence this will definitely will soften the blow and will allow you to treat this situation not from the standpoint of the emergency protection but from the standpoint of interaction with the people who are relate to your brand.

We absolutely understand that a lot of people will say that in order to secure online reputation themselves it would take them a lot of time. On the other hand a lot of people are not enough tech savvy to be able to manage this. That is why our online reputation management firm provides online reputation management and search engine optimization services for all our clients combining professional service and affordable prices.


Protect Your Good Name Today!

Consumers are more likely than ever to use the Internet in forming their opinions about a product or service than ever before.  Social media allows anyone with an Internet connection to be very vocal about how they feel about companies. Every single day, massive amounts of consumer generated content makes it way online adding to a collective perception that forms your online reputation.

On the downside, there’s also no telling how much of this content is genuine. Sadly, smear campaigns have also gone virtual so that misleading information is often given as much legitimacy as any other piece of online information. Anonymity online gives some people a false sense of entitlement to come out with grossly inaccurate information against their competitors.

That’s why it’s crucial for both individuals and businesses to monitor and manage their online reputation. Why wait for negative publicity to be published about you when you can take simple steps to protect your good name or try to remove name from Google?

A reputation management company like specializes in protecting your name and reputation from bad publicity. Using different approaches, will analyze each and every aspect of your online brand and determine a strategy that will not only protect your good name from attacks but promotes a positive view of your name or brand.

As one marketing firm puts it, people need to monitor the “conversations” being made about their name or brand and implement proactive strategies to listen and react across a wide range of media which includes Twitter, social networks, forums, blogs and online review sites.

Still not convinced? Then consider the fact that while a customer with a good experience will typically tell 3 to 5 people, a customer who has a poor experience, for whatever reason, will tell more than 20. Factor in the speed with which bad news travels online through viral media, and a single person with an axe to grind against you or your company can do considerable damage to your name.

For more information about this service and many other online reputation management services please visit – online reputation management company who is considered one of the leaders in online reputation management industry!


Protecting Your Good Name from All Angles

Your name is your brand and that brand is vulnerable to bad publicity no matter how conscientiously you try to behave or act in the real world.  At some point, something negative will pop up online from disgruntled co-workers, irate customers, or worse, competitors posing as customers who are dissatisfied.

Social media can rapidly turn one person’s opinion into a widely held belief. Many times, a completely unfounded and baseless statement becomes the central piece of information other people will use to form a judgment about you or your business. It’s not fair but that’s how it works online since people rarely bother to look beyond the first page results they get on search engines like Google.

Managing your online reputation is a matter of closely monitoring what comes up when someone casually searches your name online. Take time to read up on what people are saying about you and you might be surprised at what you uncover. is an online reputation management company that provides a variety of reputation management services that address your need to protect and maintain the integrity of your name or brand. examines each and every case and comes up with a carefully crafted customized strategy designed with your needs in mind.  The team is made up of lawyers, public relations practitioners, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and professional content writers who work hand in hand to execute effective strategies which will help ensure that the first impression people get when they Google your name will be favorable to you.

Even if you don’t have any negative publicity online about you, it certainly can’t hurt to invest in online reputation management services that will help you gain better control of how the public perceives you on the Internet.  In many ways, good online reputation management can even be an effective tool for marketing your business online.

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