Monitoring Your Online Reputation via the Search Engines

What is search reputation management?

Basically, search reputation management is inclusive of tools and techniques that keep the first few pages of today’s most used search engines free or clear of any links that may contain negative content about a certain person or brand.

Links that should be removed

Examples of negative links are those that are related to Yelp,, RipOff Report, [brand],,, and, lastly, Anti-Facebook profiles. There are also some news stories as well as PRs or press releases that could contain negative feedback.

In order to counter such negative links, you need to come up with positive assets that will end up outranking the negative ones. You can create positive links or content with the use of the appropriate tools.

The tools

For instance, you can make use of a LinkedIn account, where you can easily encourage all of your employees to connect with it. You can even make this mandatory, if you like. Once your workforce has connected to the LinkedIn account, just add content and some applications. You can simply include an RSS feed to your blog. With this account, you can interact with the public and answer any of their questions. This way, negative feedback becomes largely minimized.

You also must be extra careful in describing your company on Wikipedia. Always put in mind that you need to be careful in naming your profile. Also, you need to be much more regular in monitoring any changes within your company.

Twitter, being the most popular online social interaction website, next to Facebook, is also being implemented for search reputation management purposes. For you, or your company, to have positive Twitter search results, just choose a branded handle and use some brand terms in the bio. When you have finally set up your Twitter account, easily engage in the community. Keep using branded terms and statements in your tweets so that your number of followers will keep on increasing. Also, you need to provide content that is somehow compelling. This builds up your followers’ base. Another way to have your followers multiply in number is to use lots and lots of hashtags.

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