A Simple Strategy to Remove Links on Search Engines

So you’ve decided you need to remove link from Google and other most popular search engines. You’ve realized that asking the website owner to remove the negative information is an exercise in futility. You’ve figured out that bringing lawyers into the situation will only cost a lot of time and money without guaranteeing results. It’s time to consider the services of a professional online reputation management service.

Any online reputation management service worth the name uses a fairly simple main strategy for dealing with negative publicity. The idea is to bury any negative links under a massive amount of positive links on the search engines. This way, negative links end up far lower on the page rankings where extremely few people bother to go when doing a casual search.

Online reputation management company combines the expertise of by public relations practitioners, legal professionals, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists and writers to ensure that any search for your name, company or brand will bring back only positive links on the first few pages of Google.  Each case is different and may require a combination of tactics to produce the desired results.

To give you an idea what a reputation management service like reputation management firm might do to handle negative publicity, here’s a sample of what you might expect in a high level online reputation management strategy for the first three months:

Phase 1:
•    Creation of social networking profiles  on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn
•    Launch of online press releases campaign and distribution to online media outlets.
•    Creation of a new blog
Phase 2
•    Social marketing through blog commenting
•    Continuation of online press release campaign and distribution to online media outlets
•    Article writing marketing campaign
•    Writing in newly created blogs
Phase 3
•    Industry association profiles creation
•    Online press release campaign and distribution to online media outlets.
•    Article marketing campaign
•    Social marketing through blog commenting
•    Writing in newly created blog.
•    Social bookmarking

If you have reason to be concerned about your online reputation or you want to take proactive steps protect your good name from malicious attacks or remove name from Google, do not hesitate to contact online reputation management company. Experienced online reputation management consultants will gladly discuss your case and customize a strategy that will protect your online reputation.

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