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Dear visitors. Welcome to our online reputation management and search optimization blog. We truly hope that you all had outstanding weekend and are all set and ready for the upcoming week to spend it productively and successfully. We were extremely pleased to see that the previous articles related to Firefox SEO extensions got your attention and comments. We even got a positive feedback and appreciation from several companies/individuals whose extensions got into our list. We even got several invitations for beta testing of the new upcoming extensions from those companies so most likely in the nearest future we will post the third part of the article related to best SEO extensions for Mozilla Firefox browser. For those of you who have not read the previous post here is the direct link to best Mozilla Firefox extensions for website SEO.

So continuing on the topic of Firefox extensions today we propose you to take a look at several best Mozilla Firefox extensions for bloggers. For ease of use we decided to publish the extensions in several groups:
– Mozilla Firefox extensions for Google
– Firefox extensions for Twitter
– Firefox extensions for blog writing
– Mozilla Firefox extensions for social websites
– Mozilla Firefox extensions for pictures
– E-Mail signatures

Here are some of the most popular ad useful extensions for Google services:

Google Toolbar – is truly considered one of the most popular Firefox extension. Some of the most useful features are: Google bookmarks – this is an outstanding tool for those who are using bookmarking in their day-to-day practice. In addition, the bookmarked list of pages/websites is stored on the server so if you will need to get an access to all your bookmarks from another PC the only thing you will need to do is to install Google Toolbar there and all your bookmarks will become available as well without any copying or syncing. Google PageRank – useful information for all the webmasters who track the rankings of their websites/blogs. Search types – another cool feature that allows to add custom search options right from your Google toolbar. You can add such searches like Youtube, Flickr, Google Images, Google Maps etc.

SearchPreview – very interesting Firefox Extension that allows previewing the pages right from the Google search results. The previews are currently available for Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

GmailManager – another useful extension for all those who are using Gmail actively. GmailManager allows manipulating several Gmail accounts simultaneously.

IntegratedGmail – this Firefox extension will allow you to unite your Gmail account, Google Calendar, Google Reader and Gmail Labs all in one place.

GoogleRedesigned – after you install this Firefox extension you will not recognize the look and feel of the Google services that you’ve got used to ? The visual style will be changed tremendously and the new look will be very appealing and stylish.

Here is the list of Twitter related extensions for Mozilla Firefox:

TwitterBar – one of the best Twitter extensions for Firefox. It allows you to send any webpage/website link straight to your Twitter account + add the signature if necessary in the comment field.

Echofon – another great Twitter extension for Mozilla Firefox. It has all the basic tolls to use your Twitter account effectively.

Firefox extensions for blog writing:

ScribeFire Blog Editor
– one of the most popular extensions. Using it you will be able to write posts and publish them directly onto your blog without accessing blog admin section.

Zemanta – very useful extension for Mozilla Firefox that will help you to find the relevant pictures, videos, links and tags when you are writing a post. This extension works with Wodpress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, Ning, Drupal, LiveJournal, Tumblr and also supports Gmail and Yahoo.

Apture – another interesting extension that allows you to insert pictures and videos into your blog posts from more than 50 different sources in a matter of a single click. Here is just a small part of the sources you will be able to utilize: Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Maps, Google Street view etc.

Mozilla Firefox extensions for social websites:

Shareaholic – truly famous Mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to share the information you like through more than 60 social services like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Diigo, Digg etc.

AddThis – another great extension that has pretty similar functionality with the above one. It allows adding the information you like to a great amount of social services.

Yoono – Socialize Your Browser – another great extension for all the fans of social networks. It allows you to communicate in different social networks simultaneously right from the side bar of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox extensions for pictures:

Pearl Crescent Page Saver
– a really great tool for all those who need to make snapshots in a very fast and efficient manner. This extension allows making a snapshot of the entire webpage or just a certain part; it has an ability to capture flash elements and has a great variety of additional features.

Cooliris – really cool looking Firefox extension that allows you to watch the pictures in a fancy 3D style.

Firefox extension for E-Mail signatures:

WiseStamp – this Mozilla Firefox extension is truly considered the best one in terms of making very good looking email signature. You will be able to show the link of your last post, add links to your websites, add links to your profiles at popular social community resources etc.

As usual, feel free to post comments and suggest another extensions that you think might help other users to be more productive. We will review all your comments and will adjust accordingly.

To your success, Team – Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization

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