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After posting two articles related to Google Chrome extensions for SEO we’ve got a bunch of comments and questions from our regular readers and visitors. For those of you who wasn’t able to read those post here are the links: 20 SEO plugins for Google Chrome part 1 and 20 SEO plugins for Google Chrome part 2 The majority of questions from visitors were asking if we are going to make some sort of a similar list for the Firefox Browser. According to the latest statistics Mozilla Firefox is constantly improving its leadership positions in front of its main competitor Internet Explorer. So we decided to fulfill your request. Here is the list of the best Mozilla Firefox extensions for website SEO:

1. Autofill Forms – this Firefox extension allows to quickly fill in the webforms on various websites. This extension will be perfect for commenting on various blogs (you will be able to fill in Name, E-Mail and Website Address fields in a matter of a single click). It also will be very useful when adding the website into various online catalogs or website directories. In addition this extension supports the setup of multiple profiles that you will be able to use on various websites. Click here to download Autofill Forms.

2. Google Toolbar for Firefox – this extension is truly considered one of the most popular one with millions of fans and regular users around the world. Despite of the ability to customize buttons for access to the desired Google services, this toolbar displays Google PageRank information for every website/page + it has such a useful function like Google bookmarks which allows to quickly find and access any website from any PC. Click here to download.

3. Link Diagnosis – This is an excellent Mozilla Firefox extension for analyzing the links to competitors’ websites. It shows the external links, their PageRank information, the amount of external links on the external pages and even the anchor text! The example of the test website analysis created using Link Diagnosis Firefox Extension can be seen here. To download this extension click here.

4. Search Status – one of the most useful features in this extension is the ability to highlight the nofollow links. In order to activate nofollow links highlighter, after the installation of this extension you need to do right mouse click on the extension icon and checkmark this option from the dropdown menu. Click here to download Search Status.

5. SEO for Firefox – another useful SEO extension for Mozilla Firefox. It provides great variety of features like the amount of incoming links from .gov and .edu domains, the amount of Wikipedia links etc. Click here to download this extension.

6. SEO Quake – another outstanding Mozilla Firefox extension for SEO purposes. And if you have not tried it out – you MUST! At SEO Quake homepage you will find all the specifications of this extension + the installation manual. Click here to visit SEO Quake homepage.

We greatly appreciate your time and comments and we hope that this list of Mozilla Firefox extensions for website search engine optimization will be useful for your day-to-day work. If you have any additions and comments, please feel free to submit the form below. Good Luck!

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  • […] Dear visitors. Welcome to our online reputation management and search optimization blog. We truly hope that you all had outstanding weekend and are all set and ready for the upcoming week to spend it productively and successfully. We were extremely pleased to see that the previous articles related to Firefox SEO extensions got your attention and comments. We even got a positive feedback and appreciation from several companies/individuals whose extensions got into our list. We even got several invitations for beta testing of the new upcoming extensions from those companies so most likely in the nearest future we will post the third part of the article related to best SEO extensions for Mozilla Firefox browser. For those of you who have not read the previous post here is the direct link to best Mozilla Firefox extensions for website SEO. […]

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